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Clean Sweep Plus Remediation Kit Total Clean Remediation Kit
Clean Sweep Plus Remediation KitTotal Clean Remediation Kit

Save 20% On This Kit 8 Mold Bomb Fogger cans 1 quart of Biocide 100 4 gallons of Biocide 100 1 quart of Stain Remover 2 spray heads 1 AirSafti Kit 1 Safety Kit Regularly $999.70 You Save $199.91!

Save 20% On This Kit 1 Mold Bomb Fogger can 1 gallon of Biocide 100 1 AirSafti Air Scrubber 1 empty quart 1 spray head Regularly $484.98 You Save $96.99!



Vehicle Clean Remediation Kit House Remediation Kit
Vehicle Clean Remediation KitHouse Remediation Kit

Save 5% On This Kit 1 Bio-Static Generator 1 quart of Biocide 100 1 cleaning towels kit 1 spray head Regularly $220.96 You Save $11.05!

Save 15% On This Kit 18 Mold Bomb Fogger cans 4 gallons of Biocide 100 1 spray head 1 AirSafti Scrubber 1 Safety Kit Regularly $1413.74 You Save $212.06!



Biocide Labs Mold Safety Kit Half Face Respirator & Filter
Biocide Labs Mold Safety KitHalf Face Respirator & Filter

Get the complete protection from mold exposure needed with the Biocide Labs Mold Safety Kit. We offer the same equipment to the general public that a professional remediation company would use to get the job done. In this kit is everything you..

Ensure convenient and reliable respiratory protection against mold and mold spores when working in a mold contaminated environment with the practical features and comfort of this halfmask respirator.



Particulate Filters Protective Eyewear
Particulate FiltersProtective Eyewear

Our particulate filter provides 99.97% Protection from airborne mold fine particulates. Having an effective mask and filter system is crucial when cleaning or handling any fungal contaminates. We offer you the gold standard in affordable and...

Protect your eyes with anti-scratch lenses for optimum vision and a non-slip fit to help prevent injuries.



Nitrile Gloves Protective Suit
Nitrile GlovesProtective Suit

Nitrile disposable safety gloves for hand protection are great for your mold remediation. Our gloves provides superior strength to resist abrasion, tears, and are textured for a sure grip making these gloves a smart choice.

This is a Protective and disposable mold remediation suit designed to help protect skin and clothing from mold exposure. This industry standard suit is made from top of the line composite materials making it tear and puncture resistant.